Meatballs chorizo and feta cheese !

Meatballs Chorizo Cherry tomatoes Red pepper Yellow pepper Orange pepper Feta cheese The nights are drawing in and autumn is getting closer by the day but I’m clinging on to summer by the food I’m cooking I’m not ready to let go yet ! Tray bakes filled with colour and bursting with flavours really helpContinue reading “Meatballs chorizo and feta cheese !”

Steak stuffed peppers with a cheesy topping !

This is a bit fiddly not difficult fiddly just not as easy as a one pot , but it’s worth it ! I used Edam cheese but mozzarella is fine or any cheese of your choice Bell peppers Olive oil Sirloin steak Onion Mushrooms Edam cheese slices Italian seasoning Salt and black pepper Pre heatContinue reading “Steak stuffed peppers with a cheesy topping !”

Cordon bleu chicken with Mediterranean veg

I found this chicken cordon bleu in the hairy dieters cookbook , the chicken cheese and ham is spot on with keto , however they have it with sweet potato fries which is great just not on keto !! I’ve used cherry tomatoes in the veg be mindful as they contain natural sugar and notContinue reading “Cordon bleu chicken with Mediterranean veg”

Salmon in a creamy sauce with sun dried tomatoes !

This dish was just something else , and I will be making it again . It was so easy and bursting with flavour I really wanted a slab of bread to mop up the sauce , but thankfully I didn’t . This would probably be lazy keto due to the sundried tomato but I wouldContinue reading “Salmon in a creamy sauce with sun dried tomatoes !”

Lamb chops stir fried veg & creamy mustard sauce

This is a super easy tasty supper , I chose sprouts broccoli, green beans and peas but you can choose any veg you like . I’ve said this before and I will say it again be mindful when using peas when following a low carb diet as they are quite high in carbs but soContinue reading “Lamb chops stir fried veg & creamy mustard sauce”